The pandemic way: how esport is living its best life and traditional sports are keeping the pace

Early 2020 got off to a rough start, as we all know, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the measures taken to slow its spread, literally blocking a big chunk of the economy. Without a doubt, the sports industry has been hit hard. Almost all big events have been cancelled or postponed, pushing event organizers, leagues and federations to the brink of bankruptcy. The latest announcement to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was the final blow: the Olympics have only been canceled three times (1916, 1940 and 1944) because of war, but never postponed. This will have huge repercussions for all stakeholders. 

But if we want to focus on the positive, inside the reign of sports, the younger esports has the potential to gain terrain on its elder sibling by seizing new opportunities during these unprecedented times. Still unaware of exactly what esport is and its origins? Check out the three-part article we wrote on that subject a while ago!

Esports goes back to its rootsOver the past thre…

Friday Press Review I March 27th 2020

During this unprecedented outbreak, creativity, solidarity and optimism remain. Here are our selection of last week's articles on the best brands initiatives, e-sports challenges and unexpectable 1 million Swiss francs donation : 

Family behind Ferrari donates €10m and 150 ventilators to help fight coronavirus in Italy
The Agnelli family, who control the Ferrari Formula 1 team and road car business, as well as the FIAT Chrysler company and Juventus football club, have revealed they will make a €10 million donation to the Italian Civil Protection Department, and a social assistance organisation called La Stampa, to help both authorities deal with the health and social needs in the city of Turin and the region of Piedmont as the virus continues to spread. Read more...

The world's largest luxury conglomerate orders 40 million masks from China to support coronavirus pandemic in France
LVMH, the world's biggest luxury goods group, is ordering 40 million health masks from a Chinese …

Our Friday Press Review I March

Here are some of the most interesting articles of the last weeks selected by The Consultancy Group:

Pernod Ricard using flavoured gins to "recruit" people into wider category
Pernod Ricard says its flavoured Beefeater gins are doing a “good recruitment job” for the wider category, especially among younger consumers who are new to gin and looking for something a little less gin-y than the core London Dry product. “What we do know is people that have been exposed to, or who are aware of, Beefeater Pink Strawberry – are much more favourably disposed then to Beefeater Dry, so we do see that conversion taking place,”. Read more...

Nike releases "Mamba Forever" tribute to Kobe Bryant
Entitled 'Mamba Forever', referring to Bryant's self-given Mamba nickname, the emotional commercial shows simple white text on a black background, featuring multiple tag lines -- beginning with 'Philly Kid,' and ending with 'Mamba '-- followed by the constant word …

Our Friday Press Review I February

Here are some of the most interesting articles of the last weeks selected by The Consultancy Group:

Red Bull named energy drink partner of England Rugby
England Rugby has pledged to further nourish grassroots talent after agreeing to a multi-year partnership with Red Bull which will see it become an official energy drink partner for the game. The partnership will give support to both the men’s and women’s sevens teams during the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series with players drawing on Red Bull products and equipment during training and major tournaments, including the Guinness Six Nations and Quilter Internationals. Read more...

Supreme heats up Twitter with red branded Oreos
Mondelez International's Oreo brand has partnered with The Carlyle Group-owned fashion label, Supreme, to release a new co-branded red cookie, according to a report in the New York Post. The streetwear brand unveiled its spring-summer line this week, and one of the items listed for sale is a red double stuff Oreo c…

You're a marketing victim, admit it!

We’ve all been there. In the grocery store, staring glossy-eyed at the 100 different pasta boxes without knowing which to choose. And then, without really giving it a second thought, we go for one brand over all the others. More often than not, our decision is influenced by age-old marketing practices. It’s another definite win for advertising – and we become a “victim” to marketing yet again. 

But let’s not beat ourselves up over it. As we know, there are many marketing tactics at play here, making it almost impossible for us to make an unbiased decision. Frequency is one of them. Campaigns held on a regular basis substantially influence our purchasing behaviour. The more times you heard about a product or saw its advertisement, the more likely you will be to buy it. 

Another is visual content. The more appealing it is, the more people trust it. A strong case in point is Nespresso. It’s almost impossible not to see George Clooney’s irresistible face when thinking about that leader in …