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The Consultancy's Guest bloggers | N°2: Jennifer B. Righetti

Communication Coherence Factor – the pot of gold at the end of every company’s rainbow, by Jennifer B. Righetti Today, companies no longer ask themselves whether to communicate or not, but rather how and to what extent. The old adage, no news is good news, has become old news, replaced by: all publicity is good publicity. There is a push to be visible across all channels no matter what. 

In order to keep the pace, siloed individuals across departments of a same organization start publishing and posting with whatever resources they have, always with the best intentions of getting their message across to the widest possible audience. 

With the kinetic energy of this unbridled communication reaching a peak state comes the potential for massive visibility and market share. And yet, it also gambles with credibility.

As much as the need to spread the word is real and urgent, the credibility of a company’s communication and image has to come first – its very reputation depends on it. 

The good…

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