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Meet the Team: Célia

Célia Gimblett Professional experience / background: I was born in Belgium and I moved to Geneva when I was seven years old. I recently graduated from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne with a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management. My professional experience includes internships in different sectors, such as : hospitality, human resources, real estate and communication. I most enjoyed working in the luxury watch industry. Now I wish to gain experience in marketing and more specifically in sponsoring. Languages:   My mother tongue is French but I learned English early on during my studies at the International School of Brussels. I also speak fluent German and I am working to improve my beginner’s Spanish. Sport:   I played a lot of different sports like horse-riding, tennis, badminton, swimming and dance but I was most interested in golf. I was part of the Swiss National Golf team for four years, which gave me th