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Our Friday Press Review


Black Friday versus Singles’ Day!

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, these celebrations create sales peaks around the world. Naively, we might say these peaks are simply due to the celebrations themselves, but let’s face it; there is a well-developed marketing strategy behind each and every one, and we are not just saying this because we are a marketing consultancy firm.
Little known in Europe until a few years ago, Black Friday has been huge in the United States for decades. The famous day falls the Friday after Thanksgiving, when North Americans are on vacation and have time to shop, and when the Christmas season officially launches. The real motivation for Black Friday was to counter typically slow sales at that time of year, causing business owners and companies to reduce prices to boost sales.
With Halloween, Valentine’s Day and many others, Americans were way ahead of Europe and Asia when it came to capitalizing on these commercial booms. And by a long shot, predating the creation of Amazon or Alibaba…