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Friday Press Review I May 29, 2020

Here are some of the most interesting articles of the last weeks selected by The Consultancy Group:  Fashion and luxury industries show increasing interest in gaming Lockdown has led to an acceleration of numerous trends. Amongst these is the establishment of relations between luxury and fashion brands and the world of gaming. What better platform than the virtual world to encourage thousands of players and potential customers, who find themselves currently unable to shop, to revamp their avatar with clothing and accessories by various brands? Not to mention the incredible springboard offered by video games to allow brands to speak to a very young audience, which is sometimes difficult for them to reach.   Read more... Google announces new, free digital skills training sessions online With audiences now unable to attend in-person events, Google has announced an expansion of its Grow with Google training and education courses, with a new series

Meet the Team: Louise-Anne

Louise-Anne Fort Professional experience / background: I was born in Paris where I lived until the age of 10 before moving to Switzerland. I recently graduated from the University of Fribourg with a Master’s degree in Management specialized in Marketing.  I have always been passionate about the luxury industry, which led to hone in on all the social and business-related aspects a company must face in order to exist and grow.   My professional studies took me on a deep dive into this universe, where I was able to gain experience in art organization by organizing fashion shows, collaborating with designers and by taking part in an association that promotes the sneakers culture. My goal now is to get better at digital marketing. Languages:   A native French speaker, I obtained a bilingual master's degree in French and English. Fribourg is a bilingual city, but unfortunately, I was not really able to improve my German, a personal challenge that   remains.

Virtual events are the new normal

Social Samosa As the coronavirus continues to threaten the business world, many agencies and brands are turning to virtual events as an alternative. We are currently living through history's highest ever rate of change, and remote innovations are arriving faster than expected. Virtual events still sound a little futuristic, even if they’ve been around since the 90s when the world’s first livestream brought us webcam footage of a coffee maker dripping . Since then, virtual reality has been finding its way into our homes, offices and daily lives. Moving an event online can seem overwhelming, but research shows that making it happen is often more beneficial than expected. When a virtual event is well planned and based on a well-designed platform, it can complement or even completely replace a physical event. Let’s discover together what an online event is exactly, and how much value it can provide. What is a virtual event? A virtual or online event is an interactive gathering he

Friday Press Review I May 8th, 2020

Due to COVID-19, many events have gone virtual or found a digital alternative to stay in touch with their fans. Find out our selection of the best articles on the subject :   The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro will be digital and streamed exclusively on Facebook Gaming The Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro, the innovative and virtual online tournament that will pit the best players in the world against one another from their homes from 27 to 30 April in the Caja Mágica’s Manolo Santana Stadium, which has been recreated in exquisite detail in the videogame Tennis World Tour (Nacon Gaming), will be streamed on Facebook Gaming .  Read more... Watches & Wonders Launches Online Platform to Showcase 2020 Watches When the Covid-19 crisis forced the cancelation of the annual watch fairs in Switzerland, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) shifted gears to create a digital platform that would provide a virtual experience of the Watches