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Meet the team: Justine

Professional experience / background:

I was brought up in different countries in Asia and Europe, which gave me a very international background. Since then, I graduated with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Marketing Communications, and have worked in different agencies specialized in Communications and Event Management. 

My professional experience is essentially in the luxury sector, organizing extraordinary events for leading watchmaking and jewelry brands. I really enjoy delivering on the details and creating a unique experience for guests and clients. That’s why I started working for The Consultancy Group.


I grew up speaking French and English. I’ve also always taken great pleasure in speaking Spanish. I’m desperately trying to master an Argentinian accent… ¡Sí, che, cho soy Argentina! 
Being Belgian, I understand a bit of Dutch and I’m trying to improve my speaking skills to get even closer to my roots.


I was part of a field hockey team a few years ago but had to qu…

Sponsoring Women’s Sports: A Golden Opportunity (Part 2)

In our last article, we discussed women often being neglected in sports sponsorships. But brands are starting to realise their potential and this golden opportunity is not to be missed!
What about the commercial side?From a purely ROI perspective, an important factor to take into account is that women control about 80% of consumer purchases. This fast-growing female economy means that women have increased financial stability and great buying power. Propagating the excuse that sports sponsorships are only market-driven in order to justify the lack of support for women’s teams will no longer cut it. Women’s sport is a market with great potential for sponsorships and the growth in the industry only serves to validate this. Brands need to continue to be more exposed to the women’s game and acknowledge the economic value women represent today. 

Many successful brands have realised the value of promoting gender equality and female role-models. Early adopters have seized this opportunity such …

Sponsoring Women’s Sports: A Golden Opportunity (Part 1)

With the FIFA Women’s World Cup approaching, which will be hosted in France this summer, brands and broadcasters are taking advantage of unparalleled interest in the sport. 
The past few years, we’ve witnessed a major shift in public perception of women’s sports, despite a severe lack of funding among most of the teams. 
Sponsorship deals have been on the rise, which indicates that the situation is changing and will continue to do so in the coming years. But many have asked the legitimate question: are women’s sports worth the sponsoring investments? Let’s see 
A very Slow Start Women’s sports have been neglected for decades in terms of investment and coverage and are well behind men’s sports. Havas Sports and Entertainment revealed that between 2011 and 2013, investment in women’s sport accounted for less than 0.5% of the value of all the sponsorship deals. Women’s sports sponsorship suffers in terms of the total sum of investment as well as the length of commitment. Most of the top de…