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The net worth of sports teams: US domination and what Europe needs to do to compete

Getty Images When speaking about sports teams , which come to mind first? It depends where you’re from, but an average sports fan will always give you a few team names like the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, Real Madrid, Barcelona , and so on. The most popular teams are also some of the most valuable in terms of net worth. Every year, Forbes establishes a ranking of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world . This ranking is based on a calculation where team values reflect enterprise values (equity plus debt). Analyzing the ranking Forbes Let’s analyze the top 25 ranked teams. There’s a lot of stars and stripes , right? As a matter of fact, only five of them are non-US. Even though Europeans are not part of the majority, they still get a nice share of the cake with some of the highest-ranking positions, thanks to Real Madrid and Barcelona in third and fourth place, respectively. Looking even closer, we notice that only four sports are represented in this ranki

The Consultancy Group celebrates the success of 3 positive years

    Swiss precision and confidentiality combined with international experience provide a tailor-made service in all areas of marketing to each of its partners. The advent of summer is traditionally known for its many festivities. This year, in looking back on three positive years in operation, we will celebrate the success of our young company.  The Consultancy Group specializes in the industries of luxury and sport at the highest level. Large luxury companies trust us to restore lost agility and flexibility. The smallest, according to them, gain international experience and a network that they would not necessarily have needed to integrate this year, but which permit them to optimize their marketing strategy.      A fast growing pace In just three years, our agency already counts five full-time success managers, including one intern. "I was fortunate to find my career path through my internships, and I wish to be able to offer this same opportunity to other