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Netflixing the sport: The DAZN model

Source: Perform Group (2018) Over the top (OTT), media services provider Netflix is by far the biggest name in the streaming world. They have paved the way for a new generation of movies and series, burying the “Blockbuster model” (DVD and VHS renting service) once and for all. Founded in 1997, the company started by renting DVDs via regular mail, before finally moving into the streaming business in 2007. The model as it stands is pretty simple: pay a monthly fee (around U$S10 depending on the country) for an all-you-can-watch subscription. The general public has bought into the simplicity of the model, and the growth of the customer base has been exponential. In 2017, they hit 125 million subscribers worldwide . From acclaimed television series to Oscar-worthy movies, the platform lets users watch (almost) anything they want, wherever they want. The success has been so monumental that Netflix is now producing its own movies and series, absorbing the production market to

Retail or not retail – that is the question!

Every sector has its own cycle, and it seems that retail is in the thick of a massive renewal at the moment. The economic crisis in 2008 impacted every industry, requiring them to rethink their strategy, some faster than others. In this article, we will focus on luxury businesses, as they are one of our areas of expertise at The Consultancy Group. Up in the air  Business aviation was impacted immediately by the 2008 crisis, with a dramatic decrease in chartered flights and the purchase of planes, both new and pre-owned. As we saw in a previous article on this blog, travelling reduced dramatically as a first step in cutting costs, business aviation included. The retail market for pre-owned jets became saturated and the market for new jet orders was severely limited. At its best, the leading manufacturers, such as Bombardier, Dassault or Cessna, went from building over 140 business aircraft per year to 35, according to a recent interview of Stefano Albinati , CEO and Fou