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Influencer marketing: what is it and how to make it work for you? - Part 2

Brand Minds In part 1 , we’ve explained what an influencer is and how influencer marketing works. But I’m sure you want to know if it’s really effective and how it can actually help you . What are the benefits? An influencer will speak about the pros and cons of your products, but in such a way as coming off far more credible and useful than any traditional ad could do. It is important to realize that it is the influencers who have built their audience. It is not accidental that fans follow influencers and not the brand . By reading a post, the audience cares much more about the influencer’s opinion of your product than about your brand.  When done right, brands have much to gain by engaging in influencer marketing . It’s a strategy that leverages the influencer’s reach, credibility and salesmanship to advocate a product to consumers, which results in awareness, improved perception and action (or conversion). Working with the right influencers can have a multitude of po

Friday Press Review I April 24th, 2020

How is the luxury market affected by COVID-19. Find out our selection of the latest articles on the subject : An Hermès boutique in China made $2.7 million in one day after it reopened Is Hermès’ blockbuster reopening in China a barometer of things to come in post-pandemic luxury shopping? The French heritage brand’s Guangzhou flagship store reportedly achieved $2.7 million in sales when it reopened this weekend, according to WWD. This figure is believed to be the highest daily haul for a single boutique in China, and offers hope to luxury brands and retailers of what economic recovery may look like in the coming months .  Read more... Rolex, Patek Philippe, and more luxury brands leave Baselworld for new trade show with Watches & Wonders in Geneva This might not be the end of Baselworld, but it is the end of Baselworld as we know it. Rolex, which has been among the least vocal brands since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and

Influencer marketing: what is it and how to make it work for you? - Part 1

Sproutsocial Influencer marketing : everyone’s talking about it. It’s been a buzzword for a while now and mainstream media refers to it constantly. But what is influencer marketing, really?  To understand what influencer marketing is and how it can be leveraged by your brand , we need to understand the concept of influencers . What is an influencer? One of the biggest misconceptions is that an influencer is someone with a l arge social media following . This thinking confuses influence with popularity. The act of influencing requires a specific result: a change in thinking or in behaviour .  We can therefore define an influencer as being someone who has the power to influence the perception or behaviour of others , for example by affecting their purchasing decisions , often times based on authority, knowledge, position, or audience relationship. In more simple terms, an influencer is a person who can influence the opinions of other peopl e and get them to do something.