Meet the Founder: Anthony Schaub

Professional experience / background:

I was born and raised in Geneva and have travelled the globe for business. I have a dual degree in marketing and communication.

I have been working in PR, communications and sponsorship for 15+ years, with a focus in the luxury industries, specifically the watch sector, private banking and sports. 
In June 2016, I founded The Consultancy Group.


In founding The Consultancy Group, I wanted to create a genuine boutique marketing consultancy firm whose strength lies in a solid international network, coupled with the experience I have gained working for renowned organizations. 

I have always wanted to build a team to nurture this experience, in order to scale up the success of The Consultancy. It needed to be a great entrepreneurial adventure at a human scale with no standardization, only tailor-made solutions!



French and English, plus the basics in German, Italian and Spanish. 


Tennis, running, cycling, skiing, sailing - I love discovering all sports. I've never been good at any, but always enjoyed being in motion! 

Beach or Mountain: 

I love the mountains, but without a doubt, beach if I have to choose.

Last dinner before 

Beef tenderloin with sautéed zucchini and a great glass of red wine, or a cheese plate with Swiss and Italian antipasti.


In life:
" If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door! "
M. Berle
In my company:

 " Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. "
M. Jordan