The Top 5 Superbowl ads selected by The Consultancy team


The NFL's Superbowl has always been the pinnacle of sport and entertainment in the US. With the price tag of a commercial spot floating around the humongous valuation of $5.6 million, companies investing in these spots need to create a real emotion to the viewers, or at least a great buzz (did you say viral?). Here is our top 5 of the 54th edition of the Superbowl:

5) Planters: Baby Nut  

For this ad to make sense, we have to take you back during the NFL playoffs in January: at this moment Planters issued a commercial where Mr.Peanut, their mascot, dies in an accident trying to save actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. Planters announced later on that the funeral will take place during the Superbowl. This campaign sparked big reactions from social media. On Superbowl day, Mr. Clean, Kool Aid Man, and others were attending Mr. Peanut's funeral when tears from Kool Aid Man sprouted a baby Mr. Peanut. It might be the Baby Yoda trend, but the commercial went viral almost instantly. Here are the two commercials: 



4) Hulu - Tom Brady  

5 times Superbowl winner and NFL Superstar Tom Brady, 42, is now close to retirement, we all know that. A few weeks before the Superbowl, he sent fans into a tailspin when he posted a picture of him in an empty stadium, signaling his potential retirement. When the ad starts, everything is set to be some sort of important and dramatic announcement, but he is actually just explaining the benefits of the television streaming service Hulu: 

3) Rocket Mortgage - Jason Momoa  

How is actually Aquaman and Game of Thrones muscular actor Jason Momoa when he is not in front of the camera? Much lighter than you would think... A VFX prowess and a really funny commercial:

2) Porsche - The Heist  

Being a security guard at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart could have advantages. An "Italian Job" style, powerful and gritty commercial that promotes the new electric car from the German car constructor. Adrenaline is the main keyword here, so fasten your seatbelts: 

1) Google - Loretta  

Probably the most powerful message of the night, A man reminisces about the love of his life with a little help from Google. This commercial could bring a tear to anyone's eye: 

Bonus) NFL - 'Take it to the house kid"  

As the Time would mention: "The NFL knew what it had to do to open Sunday night’s Super Bowl LIV in Miami: rally both the crowd in the stadium and viewers around the country — with a cute, inspiring kid, of course. The “Take it to the house” kid made quite a splash with this debut.":

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