Meet the team: Justine

Justine Gilliot

Professional experience / background:

I was brought up in different countries in Asia and Europe, which gave me a very international background. Since then, I graduated with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Marketing Communications, and have worked in different agencies specialized in Communications and Event Management. 

My professional experience is essentially in the luxury sector, organizing extraordinary events for leading watchmaking and jewelry brands. I really enjoy delivering on the details and creating a unique experience for guests and clients. That’s why I started working for The Consultancy Group.


I grew up speaking French and English. I’ve also always taken great pleasure in speaking Spanish. I’m desperately trying to master an Argentinian accent… ¡Sí, che, cho soy Argentina! 
Being Belgian, I understand a bit of Dutch and I’m trying to improve my speaking skills to get even closer to my roots.


I was part of a field hockey team a few years ago but had to quit after moving back to Geneva, and I miss it, although I find some comfort in watching ice hockey, which is a bit similar. Otherwise, I’m always up for a good challenge: take me trekking, invite me to a badminton game or for a wakeboard ride, I'll always say yes! I even started a few spinning classes (OK, my colleagues had to insist a little). 

The only sport I struggle to like is skiing. Yes, I am very aware of the irony of that while living in Switzerland, but after numerous bruises, broken bones and frozen toes, I feel we just aren’t made for each other.

Beach or Mountain: 

In general, I’d say I’m more of a beach person. I just love feeling the hot sun on my skin and having my feet in the water, listening to the sound of waves splashing over the sand. But some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve had the chance to see so far were in the mountains, such as Laguna 69 in Peru. So, I guess it depends on the mood I’m in: chilling by the sea or trekking for a rewarding view!

Last dinner before 

I have to be honest: I cannot imagine my life without salt & vinegar chips and bacon… Even if that doesn’t make me look like a very healthy person!


"Always go for the best!"

My dad (but I’m pretty sure he heard it from someone else)


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