Meet the team: Alessandro

Alessandro Di Benedetto

Professional experience / background:

With a Master’s degree in Management & Marketing, my skills revolve around Communications, Marketing, Event Management and Planning.  I have worked with the world leader in watchmaking, as well as in the field of my greatest passion: sport. My roles as Project Manager and Marketing Manager for a global sports agency reinforced my firepower in management, marketing and communication.   

The main focus was to promote cities that wanted to bid for major sports events such as the Olympics or World Cups / Championships. The agency also had a great expertise in branding, especially for sports federations and associations.   

I also worked for a firm that was specialized in the development of advanced hydro-aerial technologies for the creation of solutions to reduce energy costs in maritime transport, leisure yachting and sailing competition. I was in charge of promoting their activities and new projects, one of them being the first foiling and energy-efficient yacht ever, and that has been a hell of an experience.


French and Italian as mother tongue, English and Spanish for professional discussions and German and Portuguese still to improve.


My background is focused on competitive swimming, but I practiced so many sports that I can’t remember all of them (yes, curling is in the list!).   

Recently, I am trying to develop my running skills, and one of my colleagues is pushing me like crazy into spinning classes, which are a real pain but a great way to push yourself and go over your limits!

Beach or Mountain: 

Having Sicilian origins, the question is not simple, since the beach is literally near the mountain (in that case, the Etna volcano). In all my Swissness, I would say mountains, but deep down my roots are bringing me back to the beach…

Last dinner before 

A great plate of “Pasta alla Norma” (tomatoes, fried eggplants, grated ricotta salata cheese, and basil) or a nice, juicy burger!


"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

by ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky!