Meet the team: Sandrine

Sandrine Gros

Professional experience / background:

Completed my education in France and hold a Management Assistant degree. I acquired my professional experience as a Sponsoring assistant at the leading watchmaking company and as a publication coordinator with a Geneva lifestyle equestrian publisher. I have joined The Consultancy in 2017 as Project/Office Manager.


French is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English. Currently learning Japanese... for THE upcoming travel.


Outdoor sport such as hiking, running, cycling, trekking, paddling, skiing… Regardless of the season, Mother Nature is the best playground to unwind and relax. 
And many others to keep in shape and challenge the team!

Beach or Mountain: 

Lake surrounded by Mountains đŸ˜Š

Last dinner before 

A cup of coffee to start with before a gorgeous breakfast. 


"Live, Laugh and Love"

The real source of "Live, Laugh, Love" is Bessie Anderson Stanley's 1904 poem, "Success."